Uruguay’s Mission to Decriminalize Drugs

With the problem on drug abuse and selling of illegal drugs, nations all over the world have made actions to address such issues. In consonance with the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1998, legal measures have been carried out all over the world in order to achieve drug control.

If you browse example website of governments, you will learn that there are extensive efforts to penalize selling and distribution of illegal drugs. Unfortunately, the world has been confronted now with countries trying to reduce control and penalties on it. Some countries like Uruguay have made it their call to decriminalize drugs.

Since then Uruguay is one of the few countries that never criminalized the possession of drugs for personal use. If you visit site online of their government, you will find out that they implement a law that establishes no quantity limits on drugs and leaves to the judge’s discretion to determine if it is for personal use. If it is, then no sanctions will be given.

Recently, the government presented a novel approach to fight rising crimes by having regulated and controlled legalization of cannabis that would allow the government to sell marijuana and take profits out of the hands of the dealers. Such action has raised eyebrows of many yet made the supporters of the plan to resonate their joy with their fender telecaster expressing how they appreciate the government brainchild.

Accordingly, the new plan backed by their president will allow the government to sell marijuana but only to adults who are registered in their database. Just like monitoring different product info, the government officials can keep track purchases being made over time. And since the government is the sole seller, they will get hold of profits that they will allegedly use toward rehabilitating drug addicts.

As of the moment, the less violent solution being come up by Uruguay to deal with drug war has really irked many international communities. Many think that it is not like lose weight fast that everyone could simply accept. The idea of legalization of selling marijuana has become a topic of many articles that conveyed messages of condemn on the action of their government. Although, further searches will lead you to learn more that Uruguay is not the only country doing measures on decriminalization of drugs but you will realize that this has not really meet considerable approval by many people all over the world.

But, it seems that Uruguay is really determined in their self-proclaimed mission to decriminalize drugs in their country. Though downloading videos through jaksta may reveal that many countries do not join their idea, yet their sovereignty as a nation will still prevail. It is still their freedom to implement their own set of laws which they think best for them.