Central American Poverty

Poverty issues are well spread across the different continents with many persons living below poverty line especially in the developing countries. The available data carried out by the World Bank of Latin America in 2006 showed that poverty levels had somehow reduced but the inequality in income still remained unabated. Such factors make poverty reduction and economic growth efforts difficult to achieve. Places such as Latin America have historical poverty cases that date back to the period of colonization by the European explorers. Poverty is overall social, economic, political as well as spiritual.

Poverty data in Guatemala show increased levels of poverty among the citizens from about 51% to 54.1%-55% according to information released by the Central American Business Intelligence. This was attributed to the increasing global economic crisis in the periods of 2009 to 2010. This data is a reflection of what has happened in several other places as well as other continents. The global economic crisis has made achievement of the millennium development goals elusive to many communities. Paying for good home security systems can be difficult in such situations

There are several factors that contribute to increased poverty among the American communities. These factors include loss of jobs and employment opportunities, reduction in real wages commonly known as inflation, and bankruptcy of most of the small scale businesses, reductions in the remittances among other factors. This is just like having a surf shop that is serviced by the best web hosting company with extra services like yoga mats for relaxation in an area where people cannot afford even a soda.

Places like Haiti which are free market economy although with free tariffs in accessing most of its trade with the United States. Corruption and poor access to education contribute to high levels of poverty among its people. This is just like setting up a virtual office that deals with wow gold which is actually non existent. On the other hand, factors that lead to poverty in Central America are attributed to fall in the economic growth.

People in Central American countries are unable to attain food, shelter, money, clothing, education, and other essentials towards quality. This is because of the sustained conflicts in the past years which contributed to misery and inequality. Some of the urban areas like the El Salvador have experienced sustained growth but the rural areas wallow in great poverty. Such environments can push people to visit carlsbad therapist due to hcg drops.

Another factor that keeps the poverty levels high is the fact that most of the Central American countries pay a huge interest on their national debts. A good example is Nicaragua in which poverty is progressed because much of the revenue goes in servicing huge debts. This country pay eleven times more on debt servicing than it does on essential services such as health care annually. This is just like lifting chin up bars on an empty stomach or buying used cars when your family barely affords a meal.