A Brief Overview of Central America’s Drug Cartels

There are a large number of drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia, both responsible for the illegal trafficking of drugs over the border into the USA.

The most prominent have been around for years, some have dissipated over the years, while others remain strong and continue to take advantage of their strength infiltrating police, politics and financial institutions.

Drug Cartels in Mexico

In Mexico the Beltran Leyva Cartel was one of the most prominent, this cartel was founded by four brothers who infiltrated the police and political institutions including Interpol in Mexico. Once the cartel died down the last remaining brother Hector was still at large and there are still offers for successful information that leads to his arrest. The Mexican government has offered $1.2 million and the US government has offered $5 million. You can search for more information online if you want to learn more about this cartel and the amount of drugs they managed to traffic over the years.

Gulf cartel is another of the Mexican drug cartels which are responsible for millions of Dollars’ worth of drugs entering the US; they are still strong today and remain active. You can always find out more info on these cartels by doing simple online searches.

Juarez Cartel is another Mexican drug cartel; they control the transport routes for billions of illegal drug shipments from Mexico into the USA. This cartel is believed to still control El Paseo, Texas routes. Do a search and then click here when told to in order to find out more about this strong drug cartel from Mexico.

Los Zetas is a cartel made up of ex Mexican Army members that now operate as a private army dominating the drug trade and standing at three hundred members strong. This cartel is involved in drugs, ammunition and human trafficking throughout Mexico and the USA.

Drug Cartels in Colombia

The Cali Cartel is a Colombian cartel which was formed by the Rodrigues brothers and is involved in drugs and white collar crime including money laundering and bribery through Colombia and the USA. These criminals would take on positions of power and you have no idea they are members of such a criminal cartel, one may even be a vet tech or an IT engineer and you would never know.

Medellin Cartel started in the 1970’s and is a Colombian drug cartel, they started when the illegal cocaine trade started and over the years they have grown. When records were seized, an example advise that they were making more than $60 million per day with a total worth of hundreds of billions of Dollars. This cartel is also believed to be responsible for many assassinations over the years including judges, police officers (example advice) and other cartel members.

Norte del Valle Cartel has been operating since the early 1990’s in Colombia and is responsible for tons of cocaine being trafficked into the USA. It is believed that this cartel exported over 1.2 tons of cocaine with a street value of over $10 billion between 1990 and 2004.

Los Rastrojos is a neo-parliamentary cartel responsible for the trafficking of heroin and cocaine into the USA. They also dabble in illegal gold mining. This army has over 1,500 members and started in 2002. When you search online for free movies online you often find many action movies where it shows drug cartels from all over the world, these members are actually living that in reality.

These cartel members will often have the latest gadgets and their children will enjoy expensive toys and gadgets as well, such as the smartpet. They live comfortably and often will never be suspected of being cartel members.