United Nations’ Influence in Central American Poverty

A longstanding goal of the United Nations has been to reduce poverty in emerging nations, and so-called Third World economies.

While there is still a long way to go, its commitment to redress poverty in Central America is an example of working toward that goal.

They are trying, particularly in the volatile political environment of Central America, to walk the fine line between interventionist welfare-based strategies, and neo-liberal approaches that are growth-based. Part of the problem is that while growth is a necessary part of any resolution to the problem, the very nature of the populace (poor and relatively immobile) makes it almost impossible to take advantage of the opportunities that growth provides. Therefore, another essential part of any strategy is a targeted safety net.

There are four main exit paths for rural poverty: Family farming, growth-led strategies, urban migration, and welfare (also called social protection). Further, it is integral to the success of any mix of the above strategies to have the government in alignment and participating in market regulation, developing human capital, providing infrastructure, and providing public services, all of which reduce the cost of getting the poor engaged in the marketplace.

About half of the 35 million people in Central America live below the poverty level.

The United Nations’ role seems, however, to be largely advisory, although the United Nations Conference on Trade amp; Development is a player in developing strategies. Any reductions in the actual poverty levels seem to be largely the results of the World Bank, combined with public and private think tanks and organizations, such as the International Finance Corporation, the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development, the Organization of American States, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Secretaria de Integración Económica Centro-americana, The Latin American and Caribbean Economic System. The Andean Community, the Andean Development Corporation, USAID, the European Commission, the UK Department for International Development, Regoverning Markets, La Fundación para el Desarrollo Sostenible en América Latina, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Oxfam International, Christian Aid, SME Congress of the Americas, the Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Latin American Centre for Competitveness and Sustainable Development, the Latin American Trade Network, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, the Levy Economics Institute: Gender Equality and the Economy Programme, Centre for Trade Policy and Law (Carleton University, Ottawa), and the International Gender and Trade Network.

In conclusion, while the United Nations is definitely a player, other organizations have taken the real lead in reducing Central American poverty and increasing economic growth.

Five Ways to Fix Central America’s Poverty

In spite of cultural, linguistic and homogeneity of most of the Central America population there is a persistent gap and disunity among states. According to survey findings released lately about 17.23 million households were faced with food insecurity in 2010 this makes a total of 14.5% which is the highest number to ever be recorded in the United States. This correlates with the results of 2008 of the census Bureau that 39.8 million people in the United States live in poverty. It’s an increase and calls for decisive actions by the government and all stakeholders.

Getting out of poverty is not easy; it is just like going to architecture schools where one has to do lots of mathematics or purchasing the entre particulier company with funds that are only capable of allowing one to just buy email list. Nevertheless tangible efforts must be seen in getting American’s citizen out of poverty. It should be noted that provision of subsidized agricultural facilities to agrarian communities in the united states s just like buying a car insurance or giving free christmas lights to many households that lack the capacity to fight poverty.

For such communities all that is needed is empowerment programmes such as sustainable agriculture training that gives the farmers a clear idea of what entail informed agriculture, this will just be like passing cna test questions for those who want to work in medial fields.

Addressing factors that contribute to poverty and working in groups that bring people with similar needs together can go along way in eradication of poverty; this is just like acquiring regions’ umbrella companies that carry huge potentials. Working in groups would give communities a command in the market and other areas such as is experienced among the civil society organizations and also as seen in the Motorola mobile battery.

Change in the system of government and government priorities such as military spending that far much outweighs the spending on poverty eradication programs, in investing more than half of the federal government income in security and military expenditures; the government is abandoning its duties to its citizens. This is just like seeing the famous San Diego flooring company refuse to attend to its customer’s needs and wants that justify its existence.

A life long culture in the United States sees that there is continuous discrimination and segregation of people based on income levels as well as race. Hot spot areas should be mapped out by the government and other organizations seasonally to locate areas of dire need and available opportunities. This is just like using seo services to locate canapé lit design or using such services to look for a resource that entails criminal justice degree online.

Is Decriminalizing Drugs in Uruguay a Smart Decision?

The decision to cut back on the laws surrounding drug use and trafficking in Uruguay is giving them a lenience that goes beyond what is already accepted in The Netherlands.

At the moment the Netherlands has turned a blind eye to the use of marijuana, allowing users to enjoy the product at cafes, but they are still very strict on its use outside of these areas, which has made this area a tourist attraction for those who wish to indulge without hiding.

Uruguay has taken this to a whole new level with the belief that the police forces can use their time more wisely ignoring the user and aiming for the traffickers. There is even talks on adding customs fees to shipments, is this really the right choice?

When you think of work advice articles I bet you never considered that selling drugs could be on one of those articles and while it isn’t yet, it could be soon if you live in Uruguay. The idea has come into effect after hundreds of gang and drug related incidents, the government wants their police force rather concentrating on those problems that spending time arresting and processing paperwork for marijuana users.

But have Uruguay taken this too far? This isn’t a skin tightening cream or a client url we are talking about, this is drugs and there is talks that the drugs ignored can also include some of the stronger varieties such as cocaine and heroin, not a very good plan by the government.

Looking at the decision currently being put down by the government, the only things we can see include:

Increased drug use across the board without regard for anyone else. This may result in drugs being openly used in public areas and not in the privacy of homes as done in the past. This isn’t coconut oil for skin, this is drugs and these can have dangerous consequences on a person’s health.

Dealers have always had to hide their stash, this could result in more thefts and fights between rival dealers, the same as putting up a website and competing for the best ranking.
People will start growing their own at home and farms will start growing marijuana to make money, this can result in further violence and thefts as more people will be able to access the drugs easily without paying for them.

Police will be stretched to the limit facing all the potential problems this decision could bring with it, increased thefts and violence could result, again taking them away from the trafficking and problems that this decision is meant to make them concentrate on.

If you were to set up an example site and enable visitors to search for it, the same as you would search for phen375 you would expect to find it easily. While the police forces will be able to find the drug users easily and face the many thefts easily, will it still make it easier to find the traffickers? Uruguay needs to look closer at the overall consequences of their decision before putting it on paper and legalizing the drugs.

An Overview of Central American Governments

Saw the formation of the United States federal government which placed America among the first constitutional states. This government adopted a form whereby federal government shared power and responsibility together with the state governments. This is just like combining louver shutters and backlinks service companies.

The interesting thing with the nature of the American government is its capacity to provide checks and balances as provided for in the constitution. This is because the constitution stipulates three strong arms of government that include the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The three arms share power and responsibility and they mutually tame each other. The legislative which comprises the congress creates laws which then are passed onto the executive which is the presidency who signs it into law or rejects it. On the other hand the congress can take precedence over this decision by the executive. Similarly the judicially which constitutes the Supreme Court has the power to nullify and law passed by the congress which is unconstitutional. It is just like using stromanbieter to nullify companies charging high electric bills

However, the system is interactive in that the president is the one who nominate the Supreme Court judges who carry this important constitutional mandate and then the congress has to approve these nominated judges. More information of the different arms of government can be gotten on constitutional books which come in various kinds including audio books and are easier to find them just like finding the hip replacement recall resources or dreamweaver templates.

Further breakdown on the United States government requires in-depth study of the various arms which is beyond the scope of this paper. This is because it requires analysis of different levels of the congress which is made up of the House of Representatives that consist of 435 voting members who represent the congressional districts. Senate comes second which is made of two senators from each state. There are fifty states in America making the number of senators one hundred in total. Getting a seat in the House of Representatives is just like trying to get logbook loans using hyundai used cars.

It should be noted that the House of Representatives and the senate have exclusive powers whereby the senate approves many presidential nominees such as Supreme Court judges, heads of federal executive branch departments, cabinet officers’ military officers as well and the countries ambassadors. Generally the senate works to the president just like the louver shutters works for the people. On the other hand, the house of representatives passes bills that touch on various sensitive issues of the nation. The two champers then pass these bills to the president for signing into law. The two champers must work together to see passing of bills into laws just like using keratin hair treatment for better hair looks or wearing promotional t shirts that pass on crucial life messages.

Central American Poverty

Poverty issues are well spread across the different continents with many persons living below poverty line especially in the developing countries. The available data carried out by the World Bank of Latin America in 2006 showed that poverty levels had somehow reduced but the inequality in income still remained unabated. Such factors make poverty reduction and economic growth efforts difficult to achieve. Places such as Latin America have historical poverty cases that date back to the period of colonization by the European explorers. Poverty is overall social, economic, political as well as spiritual.

Poverty data in Guatemala show increased levels of poverty among the citizens from about 51% to 54.1%-55% according to information released by the Central American Business Intelligence. This was attributed to the increasing global economic crisis in the periods of 2009 to 2010. This data is a reflection of what has happened in several other places as well as other continents. The global economic crisis has made achievement of the millennium development goals elusive to many communities. Paying for good home security systems can be difficult in such situations

There are several factors that contribute to increased poverty among the American communities. These factors include loss of jobs and employment opportunities, reduction in real wages commonly known as inflation, and bankruptcy of most of the small scale businesses, reductions in the remittances among other factors. This is just like having a surf shop that is serviced by the best web hosting company with extra services like yoga mats for relaxation in an area where people cannot afford even a soda.

Places like Haiti which are free market economy although with free tariffs in accessing most of its trade with the United States. Corruption and poor access to education contribute to high levels of poverty among its people. This is just like setting up a virtual office that deals with wow gold which is actually non existent. On the other hand, factors that lead to poverty in Central America are attributed to fall in the economic growth.

People in Central American countries are unable to attain food, shelter, money, clothing, education, and other essentials towards quality. This is because of the sustained conflicts in the past years which contributed to misery and inequality. Some of the urban areas like the El Salvador have experienced sustained growth but the rural areas wallow in great poverty. Such environments can push people to visit carlsbad therapist due to hcg drops.

Another factor that keeps the poverty levels high is the fact that most of the Central American countries pay a huge interest on their national debts. A good example is Nicaragua in which poverty is progressed because much of the revenue goes in servicing huge debts. This country pay eleven times more on debt servicing than it does on essential services such as health care annually. This is just like lifting chin up bars on an empty stomach or buying used cars when your family barely affords a meal.

Central American and United States Relations

The relationship between the Central American states and the United States of America has been that of close by neighbours but distant friends. At the present most of illicit drugs in the U.S which have prompted a wide spread use of drug detox have their origin in Central America. With majority of Central American states having been under the rule of Spain during the colonial times, there has been a big difference in terms leadership and governance styles as well as the administration of resources between the state and its citizens. However, both have many things in common ranging from ordinary business set ups, to online transactions as revealed by a web design company with presence in both regions. By the late 19th century, the United States took over many of the Spanish territories in Central America after the war, and embarked on opening the markets to its traders while facilitating the completion of independence for several of nations, while setting up detention camps and criminal justice schools in many of them.

In pursuit of her interests, the United States began the establishment of a canal across the Central American region, which saw them lock horns with a number of nations in the region who were opposed to the move. Later on, the banana wars as the United States sought to control trade in the region took place, further denting the relations. Later the United States adopted a friendlier version of relations with Central America through the good neighbour policy, which served the role of its foreign policy for the region smoothening relations in a similar manner in which drugs ensure yeast infection no more when properly administered. United States changed tactic to more soft but controlling means of relating with the region through dropping military interventions and adopting other means like political and trade subversions, loaning services to tie exporters to themselves and the use of support to strong leaders to advance its interests in greater regions just like the present wide spread use of obama phone. This development accounts for the presence of many multilaterals as well as small companies offering services like drivers insurance, electronic repairs moving services including the sherpa dog carriers, and como reconquistar a ex namorad among many others owned by US traders. The proponents of the famous Cuban revolution cited the practice by the united states of using economic ties and sanctions to exert control over Central America in a one-way relation that only benefited them.

Although most of the Central American states exhibit a lot of differences and frictions between themselves, they unite in forging an agreement that does not have any United States supervision. Their decision to back Iraq war by sending their troops under Spain is a clear indication that the relations between them and the United States are still frictional and may remain so for some time some locally owned firms like the Houston ac repair services and Προώθηση Ιστοσελίδων have made their presence comfortably in Central America.

A Review of Central America’s Schooling System

The most common debate in today’s world is the fact that access to good and quality education is the most powerful weapon a community can improve their socioeconomic status and the very factor by which democratic principles prosper. United states of America is faced with major challenges on the education inequality that make the regions of central America like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama fair poor in educational achievements. Nevertheless Latin America has seen huge improvements in the education system in the last thirty years. This is just like emergence of IT jobs in some of the remote areas of Africa where computers and mobile phones are knocking at the doors of a few households.

Its is noted that many central American countries have failed to achieve the universal basic primary education while at the same time the coverage within the primary level is way at large too insufficient. The impacts on the students cannot be underestimated as many students do not have access to meaningful education that cannot deliver from poverty. This is just like establishing an estate called Soweto properties or The Melaleuca Foundation with a life insurance blog in a community that cannot even read or open a computer and expect PPI reclaims.

It is also noted that the majority of the education system is run by the national governments whereby discrepancy in their funding systems with outspoken exclusiveness on the schools. Although there are private schools in the Central American education system inequalities between the rich and the poor, the haves and have not’s.

Nicaragua has been affected by the centralized management, bureaucratic, and frequently politicized government institutions that take in much of the needed resources and work against reforms that may otherwise be beneficial to the students within these regions. This is just like denying residents medical aid after taking them through bogus nurse practitioner schools.

It is also imperative to note that investment in education is always unequal while at the same time poor. This has two facets in that it contributes to widespread poverty while at the same time reflects clearly on the governments ability and commitment to prioritizing education and availing it to the poor communities of Central America.

There is also key challenges in the human labor force especially teachers. This is because there is very little remuneration without serious considerations of the inputs of the various teaching staffs. This is just like paying masters of education, master of public administration, online mba program and accredited online mba professor’s salaries of lower grade teachers! There are also issues with the assessment systems that have not yet been put in place to check the Central American educations system although there are efforts toward this end.

Popular Central American Travel Destinations

Note: We also highly recommend LonelyPlanet’s Central American travel page for in depth analysis of the best travel destinations in Central America.

The world population exceeds now 7 billion and you expect the globe overcrowded and yet you still can find romantic secluded places where the meaning of paradise becomes reality. Locations like these are splattered thinly over the globe and just a hand full of insiders is aware of them. One of those places is Belize in Central America. Tucked into a niche of pure, unspoiled nature you can find the small country of Belize. Green surroundings are untouched for the majority parts of the country and abundance of natural habitat takes your breath away. Mountain regions and marine habitats are competing with panoramic displays and make any trip to Belize an unforgettable adventure of your lifetime.

Endemic plants and animals can be found throughout the country and rare birds are often hidden in the lush green forests while you will be delighted by their exotic songs. Feel drawn back in time when you enter the dense greenery, hike up the hills and overgrown mountains. Beautiful orchids, ferns and flowering trees offer a mesmerizing display, waterfalls and butterflies remind of long forgotten paradise-like life times. Relaxation becomes here an entirely different meaning and pairs with the feeling of adventure for you to experience a dream vacation.

While the tourist will find a true and rare environmental haven here the inhabitants of the country will vision live from a different angle. The small population limits the chances to find an adequate job for young people. Some innovative persons take advantage of the attractive environment that lures many visitors to come and especially those who seek to spend intimate days on their honeymoon. With a property in Belize he can provide all possible things people would buy. The locals offer everything from top wrinkle creams to wedding bands and exclusive hiking gear. Small hotels, built right into the natural surrounding offer everything the tourist needs. Other accommodations are sought after destinations the nature loving tourist is looking for. Due to the low business electricity rates and low labor costs the vacation turns out to become very inexpensive.

For the ambitious local, however, that does not match the idea of a modern fulfilling lifestyle and the computer age is providing just the promising substitute right to the screen: An online mba degree, online library science degree or masters of healthcare administration, a master in accounting. Healthcare mba programs are always guaranteeing of finding a job as public health masters. Online mba finance will give you all the necessities to start in any larger company in the administration department.

And with a merchant cash advance he will be able to receive the same standard of education as his counterparts in the States. The high education will enable him to contribute significantly to the development of his country and become a vital part of it. His options become wide open for him and possibilities are not limited. Copying the big counterparts in North America and Europe, he will be able to outline his endeavor in advance and detail his target.

A Brief Overview of Central America’s Drug Cartels

There are a large number of drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia, both responsible for the illegal trafficking of drugs over the border into the USA.

The most prominent have been around for years, some have dissipated over the years, while others remain strong and continue to take advantage of their strength infiltrating police, politics and financial institutions.

Drug Cartels in Mexico

In Mexico the Beltran Leyva Cartel was one of the most prominent, this cartel was founded by four brothers who infiltrated the police and political institutions including Interpol in Mexico. Once the cartel died down the last remaining brother Hector was still at large and there are still offers for successful information that leads to his arrest. The Mexican government has offered $1.2 million and the US government has offered $5 million. You can search for more information online if you want to learn more about this cartel and the amount of drugs they managed to traffic over the years.

Gulf cartel is another of the Mexican drug cartels which are responsible for millions of Dollars’ worth of drugs entering the US; they are still strong today and remain active. You can always find out more info on these cartels by doing simple online searches.

Juarez Cartel is another Mexican drug cartel; they control the transport routes for billions of illegal drug shipments from Mexico into the USA. This cartel is believed to still control El Paseo, Texas routes. Do a search and then click here when told to in order to find out more about this strong drug cartel from Mexico.

Los Zetas is a cartel made up of ex Mexican Army members that now operate as a private army dominating the drug trade and standing at three hundred members strong. This cartel is involved in drugs, ammunition and human trafficking throughout Mexico and the USA.

Drug Cartels in Colombia

The Cali Cartel is a Colombian cartel which was formed by the Rodrigues brothers and is involved in drugs and white collar crime including money laundering and bribery through Colombia and the USA. These criminals would take on positions of power and you have no idea they are members of such a criminal cartel, one may even be a vet tech or an IT engineer and you would never know.

Medellin Cartel started in the 1970’s and is a Colombian drug cartel, they started when the illegal cocaine trade started and over the years they have grown. When records were seized, an example advise that they were making more than $60 million per day with a total worth of hundreds of billions of Dollars. This cartel is also believed to be responsible for many assassinations over the years including judges, police officers (example advice) and other cartel members.

Norte del Valle Cartel has been operating since the early 1990’s in Colombia and is responsible for tons of cocaine being trafficked into the USA. It is believed that this cartel exported over 1.2 tons of cocaine with a street value of over $10 billion between 1990 and 2004.

Los Rastrojos is a neo-parliamentary cartel responsible for the trafficking of heroin and cocaine into the USA. They also dabble in illegal gold mining. This army has over 1,500 members and started in 2002. When you search online for free movies online you often find many action movies where it shows drug cartels from all over the world, these members are actually living that in reality.

These cartel members will often have the latest gadgets and their children will enjoy expensive toys and gadgets as well, such as the smartpet. They live comfortably and often will never be suspected of being cartel members.

Uruguay’s Mission to Decriminalize Drugs

With the problem on drug abuse and selling of illegal drugs, nations all over the world have made actions to address such issues. In consonance with the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1998, legal measures have been carried out all over the world in order to achieve drug control.

If you browse example website of governments, you will learn that there are extensive efforts to penalize selling and distribution of illegal drugs. Unfortunately, the world has been confronted now with countries trying to reduce control and penalties on it. Some countries like Uruguay have made it their call to decriminalize drugs.

Since then Uruguay is one of the few countries that never criminalized the possession of drugs for personal use. If you visit site online of their government, you will find out that they implement a law that establishes no quantity limits on drugs and leaves to the judge’s discretion to determine if it is for personal use. If it is, then no sanctions will be given.

Recently, the government presented a novel approach to fight rising crimes by having regulated and controlled legalization of cannabis that would allow the government to sell marijuana and take profits out of the hands of the dealers. Such action has raised eyebrows of many yet made the supporters of the plan to resonate their joy with their fender telecaster expressing how they appreciate the government brainchild.

Accordingly, the new plan backed by their president will allow the government to sell marijuana but only to adults who are registered in their database. Just like monitoring different product info, the government officials can keep track purchases being made over time. And since the government is the sole seller, they will get hold of profits that they will allegedly use toward rehabilitating drug addicts.

As of the moment, the less violent solution being come up by Uruguay to deal with drug war has really irked many international communities. Many think that it is not like lose weight fast that everyone could simply accept. The idea of legalization of selling marijuana has become a topic of many articles that conveyed messages of condemn on the action of their government. Although, further searches will lead you to learn more that Uruguay is not the only country doing measures on decriminalization of drugs but you will realize that this has not really meet considerable approval by many people all over the world.

But, it seems that Uruguay is really determined in their self-proclaimed mission to decriminalize drugs in their country. Though downloading videos through jaksta may reveal that many countries do not join their idea, yet their sovereignty as a nation will still prevail. It is still their freedom to implement their own set of laws which they think best for them.

El Programa Fortalecimiento de Organiza-ciones Rurales para su Participación en el Diálogo sobre Políticas en el Contexto del Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Centro-américa, República Dominicana y Estados Unidos (DR-CAFTA) Diálogo Regional Rural es patrocinado por el Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola (FIDA).

Diálogo Regional Rural pretende fortalecer a las organizaciones de productores que repre-sentan los intereses de las familias rurales pobres.

Este apoyo consiste en el desarrollo de una estrategia común que les permita formular propuestas, establecer alianzas estratégicas y preparar agendas comunes para desarrollar el diálogo con los gobiernos a escala nacional y regional y que propicie su participación efectiva en dicho diálogo.


La estrategia del Programa se sustenta en herramientas y metodologías probadas que permiten alcanzar objetivos definidos, fundamentadas en las siguientes líneas:

US Hooked on Central American Drugs

Harmful Affects of Drugs

One of the most important steps in the fight against illegal drugs is for schools, socio-civic agencies, and law enforcement to be able to clearly highlight the many harmful effects of drugs. Today, the biggest problem with stopping the drug epidemic lies in the fact that many people are unaware of the risks they are putting themselves in by recreationally taking drugs. For that short moment of bliss, they do not know how much of their future is being destroyed and put to waste.

First, it is important to look at the specific substances that are fueling the illegal drug trade just so that we don’t gang up on those who Kratom capsules or use marijuana for health reasons. In this regard, the substances that we are taking about are heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, crack, LSD, ecstasy, opium, and the un-prescribed use of cannabis or marijuana. These eight drugs today constitute the biggest problem for law enforcement and consequently are responsible for ruining the lives of many who fall into its grasps.

The harmful effects of drugs are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Those who are addicted to drugs find it hard to snap out of their current situation because dependency makes it very difficult to break the habit. For drug users, nothing else matters but the want to get more of the drug. Some will even go to extreme measures like getting a cash advance or begging on the streets to raise the money they need to purchase the drug.

As all of this is happening, the body experiences the full brunt of harmful effects of the drugs. Those illegal drugs that are smoked often lead to respiratory problems, cancer, and heart ailments. Other potentially affected organs include the kidney, liver and lungs. Cocaine is also known to wreck havoc on the nervous and digestive systems of the body causing it to malfunction and shut down. The stronger variants of ecstasy, LSD, crystal meth, and heroin are known to slowly damage the brain leading to all sorts of problems. Frankly, with drug addiction, issues like cellulite removal become the least of your problems.

Beyond the physical effects, the sociological implications of drug use are also grave. It ruins relationships, breaks families apart, destroys friendships, ruins a drug user’s career, and many others. It does not matter if you are a Seattle criminal defense attorney or the CEO of a big bank. It does not matter if you have a lot of money and little connection to society. Illegal drugs will snap and ruin every single relationship that you share with any person and the pervasive experience of being alone eventually affects your mental state as well.

Illegal drug use is a very serious issue, so much more so than the unpaid pikavippi or concerns over VPS. It’s a big social and medical dilemma that requires a worldwide drive for information dissemination to help those who are unaware of the consequences of drug use. Because of it, many lives have been put to ruin; it’s only fitting that the effort is taken to explain these consequences so people can make the necessary choice to better their lives and keep them away from the clutches of drug addiction.

Disadvantages of Drugs

We all know drugs as one of the most important tools for fighting diseases but the disadvantages of drugs should be clearly understood if we are to ensure that we use it responsibly. For this, it is important to define drugs in the context of something that is ingested by the patient to achieve a certain pleasurable or disease-mitigating effect. Holistically, the definition of drugs should not only be limited to artificial pills and syrup sold or store shelves or the prohibited illegal drugs that are well known to cause serious complications; even those that come from natural and organic sources must also be considered as drugs and as such should be taken in moderation.

There are multiple reasons for this caution to take drugs in moderation. Think about it; even the most delicious tiramisu has its fair share of side effects.

Drugs are designed to alter normal body chemistry. As such, they are likely to cause side effects that range from annoying to downright serious. In an Africa safari, introducing tourists into the habitat of animals alter their behavior ever so slightly disturbing what is normal and commonplace. Drugs work in much the same way; side effects that arise from drug use can lead to other conditions that may also give rise to other serious conditions so moderation and sticking to a prescription is key. Common examples include nausea, vomiting, an upset stomach, skin irritation and the likes.
In many cases, clinical strength drugs are made from synthetic chemicals which are otherwise not present in the body. It’s like finding a jackleg drill in the toolkit of an architect; it’s out of place and unwanted despite its usefulness. Clinical strength artificial chemicals in the body can upset body chemistry, alter the way the body functions, and introduce foreign substances that may not only lead to adverse reactions but may also cause mutations which can give rise to other diseases.
Drugs create a certain level of dependency. If one earns from a ogl scam, he is likely to come back to it despite its known negative effects. Drugs work in much the same way. An acquired dependency can lead to a vicious cycle of drug use that may become unregulated over time. Even substances like coffee and soda, which are the most ubiquitous of consumer products, have caffeine that can lead to substance dependency. In the case of drugs which are clinical strength, the dependency can develop much faster. Limiting the dosage on all levels, and unless otherwise prescribed, is paramount to responsible drug use.

The ultimate truth about drugs is that all drugs have side effects, and that regular usage can lead to a dependency. If one can be addicted to a task like finding contractor leads or reading through the dentist directory – mundane, but are nonetheless true and documented addictions – how much more can one stay away from drugs which are taken into one’s system? Drugs have many disadvantages and we should all be wary with every use.

Don’t Let The Drugs Take Control

In an age where explicit content is readily available, it is easy to get influenced by what we see. Now with R-rated movies, you do not have to go through the ticket booth and show that you are of age—now, you have the option to download it or watch online. Or perhaps you had a good high school education, got into a good college, when someone hands you a pill and tells you to take it. The continuous drug use among the youth is a result of a mix between what is shown as ’cool’ and what your friends are doing (peer pressure).

So how can we ensure that our children do not grow up to become junkies? First of all, you must talk to them. As parents, you have to be aware of what they do and what they like, whom they’re hanging out with and who they listen to. This isn’t you being a nosy parent—this is you knowing who your son or daughter is, and if you show that there can be trust with no suspicion, then they won’t hesitate to be open to you. If all you are doing is checking their grades and grounding them for an F, then they might just turn their backs on you and look elsewhere for support. Once they get started on the gateway substances, it is easy for them to move on to hard drugs. However, if it is pot they’re asking talking about, you might want to listen—what was once known as the gateway drug is now showing positive results with zero side effects for various symptoms and conditions (glaucoma, sciatica, insomnia, depression, to name a few.) Do not smother them with ‘No’s’ as they might find ‘Yes’s’ from someone else. Show them that there isn’t a reason to rebel, and no reason to try self-harming drugs.

With the media holding so much power over its audience, telling people to stay tuned, tweet your response, check out our website, and vote now, the influence over a young adult can come from so many different directions. Keeping the right company, the right values, the right mindset and attitude are a sure way to avoid drug addiction. But if by some regretful circumstance, someone you care about falls into that downward spiral, help them out of it as quickly (and as carefully) as possible—stage an intervention, send them to rehab, take all the necessary steps to recovery, and recover with them. It’s tasking and possibly expensive, but it’s better than having to keep hiring the same car accident lawyer for the same D-U-I. Drug addiction can also be a symptom of a bigger problem—they could be depressed or even suicidal, they could be mentally unstable or have a heavy burden to carry, with no one to turn to for help. The best thing to avoid situations like these is really through communication—a support group, healthy relationships, and being honest and non-judgmental are key to a clean lifestyle.

Vice covering the latest on Mexico’s other borded. What are your thoughts?

When traveling from Central America to the United States through Mexico, immigrants are forced to battle drug cartels, corrupt police officers, and human traffickers, all before they even come close to the US border.

People tend to assume that the immigrants crossing the US–Mexico border are all Mexican. The reality is that a large percentage of them come from Central America, and their journey north is grueling. To get to the US, they first have to pass through Mexico, an ordeal that often ends up being even more difficult than getting into the United States. Most migrants cross into Mexico on rafts, via the Suchiate River. After that, they need to protect themselves from corrupt Mexican police, drug cartels like the infamous Zetas, and even fellow migrants. They often travel by foot and by pubic transit, but many of them ride on top of the Beast, the freight trains that travel from the south to the north of Mexico.

While the majority of the migrants are young men, a small percentage of them are women who endure hardships like the possibility of being raped by basically anyone they come across. Some of them are forced to stay in the border state of Chiapas and work as prostitutes because they are too weak to keep going, need to save some money to continue their journey, or, if they decide to stay , so they can travel back and forth between Mexico and their home countries to visit their kids[NJ1] .

In this episode of Fringes, we followed Yoana, a young girl from Guatemala who has been living in the small town of Huixtla, Chiapas, working as a prostitute to make money to help her two sons. We tagged along with a special unit from the state government that is in charge of protecting migrants as they travel through Chiapas. We then hopped on board the Beast with more than 400 other migrants traveling from Arriaga to Ixtepec, Oaxaca, to try to understand the hardships they go through and why they leave their homes in the first place.

Central America and the United States; a comparison

The first thing that the word ‘America’ creates in our minds is the image of the United States of America. We imagine skyscrapers, the city that never sleeps, Hollywood, Fast Food and advanced technology that can cure sciatica. However there is a lot more to America than just the United States of America. Central America is the region which comprises of the southernmost part of the North American continent. Many refer it to as a subcontinent on its own as well. The area comprises of seven countries; Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. It may seem odd but the truth is that some of these countries are not even that well heard of. How is it that they are so near the world’s only superpower yet we are not that familiar with them? Let me show you a brief comparison of Central America and the United States of America. There is, of course, a lot more stuff related to this on the internet and you can check it out as per your interest level which I hope to build up via this brief introductory post.

Starting off with foreign policies, while the United States of America continues fighting an economic battle with China, the President of Costa Rica established diplomatic relations with China in 2007. This may sound like old information but it just shows a general view of the differences in the policies of the two regions. You can get more information pertaining to such issues on a number of different websites on the internet that cater specifically to this topic.

Of the countries present in this region, Nicaragua is considered to be the least developed by some economic experts. While the United States of America is perhaps considered the most well developed country in the world by many, a country so near it has such poor indicators because of the fact that it focuses primarily on the agricultural economy. It is seen that agricultural countries always stay behind industrial countries.

Central America, however, has many tourist attractions that can be of interest to people who are willing to visit new places. You can make a choice between the United States of America and Central America while choosing to go on a vacation. Of course, many would prefer going to the United States however going to Central America can cost you a lot less and at the same time you can enjoy the beaches of Costa Rica along with the numerous Archaeological sites that are present in Costa Rica. You can take advantage of the wildlife parks in Panama in order to observe animals in their natural environment as well.

The difference between the cultures as well as the economies of Central America and the United States of America is great. However, each area has something unique to offer therefore none can be preferred over the other in any way. Find out more about the two on various online platforms!

Central America and United States

The Americas, or America, originally called the New World in the early 16supth/sup century, are the collective continental masses of land of North and South America. Connecting North America to South America is Central America, which is the central geographic region of the Americas. Let us now take a closer but brief look at Central America and its relationship with the United States.

Central America is composed of seven countries, namely, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. All countries, except Belize, chose Spanish as the official language. Belize adopted English as the official language. El Salvador has selected Castilian as the official language, which is still a form of Spanish language.

Home to more than 41 million people as of 2009, Central America has an area of 524,000 square kilometers. Majority of the residents are of Spanish heritage, while some are mestizos or ladinos, who are of both indigenous and Spanish descent. Scattered all over the region are minorities of native Indian, European, African, and Asian heritage.

The United States of America, a global economic and political superpower, has been at the forefront of enhancing stability in the Central America region. Recognizing its role as a key player in the central region’s emerging markets in the global economy, the U.S. boosts up extensively its trading and investment with the Central American countries. This relationship, if sustained, will result to mutual economic growth and strength.

When there is an atmosphere of economic viability and security in the region, people will then have the confidence to put up their own businesses. For instance, you may put up a flower deliver shop named floral delivery victoria bc in Panama or you may go to Costa Rica and invest in an online store like nomorerack.com, which always reviews its website to avoid any nomorerack scam.

Like all other countries, the Central American region is continually experiencing a process of political, economic, and cultural transformation. Throughout its storied history, Central America has witnessed all sorts of forgettable and uplifting events: From the Spanish conquest and colonization, to civil wars, to the rise and fall of dictators and revolutions, and to the establishment of governments resulting in peace and stability.

As a close neighbor, the United States has actively intervened in the different internal struggles within the Central American region. For instance, the U.S. made its presence felt in the region by putting up a U.S. Marines station in Nicaragua from 1912-1933. In 1954, the Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown by his own people, who were trained and outfitted by the C.I.A. Then finally in 1989, the U.S. government deployed 20,000 troops to remove Manuel Noriega from power in Panama.

Economic and political stability (and sustainability) in Central America will have a domino effect to all sectors in the region. Better incoming cash flow would consequently multiply trade and industry. Power and communications facilities would be augmented. The establishment of more companies will mean more jobs opportunities for more people.

What is United Nations and its advantages to the world?

It is the dream of every country to exist peacefully with the rest of the world. If every country would have its way, it would tend to promote its own agenda based on its unique set of customs, beliefs, traditions, government, and laws. What may be acceptable or the norm for any given country may not be acceptable or not normal to other countries. Thus, a very delicate balance has to be maintained among nations based on mutual respect and cooperation. For this very sublime purpose, the United Nations was established.

After horrific and nearly apocalyptic experiences with two World Wars, the major superpower nations had enough. Likeminded countries met and established an intergovernmental organization called the United Nations (UN) in October 24, 1945. The mission of the United Nations is fairly simple: To promote international cooperation and consequently to prevent another terrible conflict such as the World War II.

At its inception, the United Nations originally had 51 member states. Now there are at least 193 member countries from all around the world. With its headquarters situated in Manhattan, New York City, USA and other main offices in Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna, the United Nations is preoccupied with many activities relating to maintaining international peace and security, promoting the upholding of human rights, fostering local social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid to countries in dire need of help especially in times of natural calamities and armed conflicts.

The United Nations is a highly structured organization with funding mainly sourced from voluntary contributions of member states. The United Nations is headed by a Secretary-General and supported by the Deputy Secretary-General, General Assembly President, Economic and Social Council President, and the Security Council President. The current Secretary General is Ban Ki-moon from South Korea. The United Nations has five principal organs: The General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Secretariat, and the International Court of Justice.

The United Nations acts like a principal of a school and the member countries are similar to the students. Whenever a student tries to bully another student, the bullied student can always report to the teacher and to the principal and complain of an injustice being done. The principal then observes due process and hears out both sides – the bully and the bullied. Based upon the gathered evidence and facts, the principal then makes a fair judgment and does the corresponding actions. The bully may be suspended or punished if found guilty. In a similar way, bullied nations may raise their complaints to the United Nations to ask for help in reprimanding any bully nation to stop any further injustice.

Being a member of the United Nations has clear advantages. A disadvantaged member country (be it economically or politically) may ask for help and support from the United Nations. Although it’s not as easy like when you real instagram followers, but at least countries can have somebody to lean on during times of crisis.