Disadvantages of Drugs

We all know drugs as one of the most important tools for fighting diseases but the disadvantages of drugs should be clearly understood if we are to ensure that we use it responsibly. For this, it is important to define drugs in the context of something that is ingested by the patient to achieve a certain pleasurable or disease-mitigating effect. Holistically, the definition of drugs should not only be limited to artificial pills and syrup sold or store shelves or the prohibited illegal drugs that are well known to cause serious complications; even those that come from natural and organic sources must also be considered as drugs and as such should be taken in moderation.

There are multiple reasons for this caution to take drugs in moderation. Think about it; even the most delicious tiramisu has its fair share of side effects.

  • Drugs are designed to alter normal body chemistry. As such, they are likely to cause side effects that range from annoying to downright serious. In an Africa safari, introducing tourists into the habitat of animals alter their behavior ever so slightly disturbing what is normal and commonplace. Drugs work in much the same way; side effects that arise from drug use can lead to other conditions that may also give rise to other serious conditions so moderation and sticking to a prescription is key. Common examples include nausea, vomiting, an upset stomach, skin irritation and the likes.
  • In many cases, clinical strength drugs are made from synthetic chemicals which are otherwise not present in the body. It’s like finding a jackleg drill in the toolkit of an architect; it’s out of place and unwanted despite its usefulness. Clinical strength artificial chemicals in the body can upset body chemistry, alter the way the body functions, and introduce foreign substances that may not only lead to adverse reactions but may also cause mutations which can give rise to other diseases.
  • Drugs create a certain level of dependency. If one earns from a mogl scam, he is likely to come back to it despite its known negative effects. Drugs work in much the same way. An acquired dependency can lead to a vicious cycle of drug use that may become unregulated over time. Even substances like coffee and soda, which are the most ubiquitous of consumer products, have caffeine that can lead to substance dependency. In the case of drugs which are clinical strength, the dependency can develop much faster. Limiting the dosage on all levels, and unless otherwise prescribed, is paramount to responsible drug use.

The ultimate truth about drugs is that all drugs have side effects, and that regular usage can lead to a dependency. If one can be addicted to a task like finding contractor leads or reading through the dentist directory – mundane, but are nonetheless true and documented addictions – how much more can one stay away from drugs which are taken into one’s system? Drugs have many disadvantages and we should all be wary with every use.