Central America and the United States; a comparison

The first thing that the word ‘America’ creates in our minds is the image of the United States of America. We imagine skyscrapers, the city that never sleeps, Hollywood, Fast Food and advanced technology that can cure sciatica. However there is a lot more to America than just the United States of America. Central America is the region which comprises of the southernmost part of the North American continent. Many refer it to as a subcontinent on its own as well. The area comprises of seven countries; Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. It may seem odd but the truth is that some of these countries are not even that well heard of. How is it that they are so near the world’s only superpower yet we are not that familiar with them? Let me show you a brief comparison of Central America and the United States of America. There is, of course, a lot more stuff related to this on the internet and you can check it out as per your interest level which I hope to build up via this brief introductory post.

Starting off with foreign policies, while the United States of America continues fighting an economic battle with China, the President of Costa Rica established diplomatic relations with China in 2007. This may sound like old information but it just shows a general view of the differences in the policies of the two regions. You can get more information pertaining to such issues on a number of different websites on the internet that cater specifically to this topic.

Of the countries present in this region, Nicaragua is considered to be the least developed by some economic experts. While the United States of America is perhaps considered the most well developed country in the world by many, a country so near it has such poor indicators because of the fact that it focuses primarily on the agricultural economy. It is seen that agricultural countries always stay behind industrial countries.

Central America, however, has many tourist attractions that can be of interest to people who are willing to visit new places. You can make a choice between the United States of America and Central America while choosing to go on a vacation. Of course, many would prefer going to the United States however going to Central America can cost you a lot less and at the same time you can enjoy the beaches of Costa Rica along with the numerous Archaeological sites that are present in Costa Rica. You can take advantage of the wildlife parks in Panama in order to observe animals in their natural environment as well.

The difference between the cultures as well as the economies of Central America and the United States of America is great. However, each area has something unique to offer therefore none can be preferred over the other in any way. Find out more about the two on various online platforms!